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Every job begins with a brief consultation and written estimate. We discuss site history, evaluate and inspect your tree or trees, and address your questions and concerns. We have the skills, the knowledge, and the resources to provide the best possible care for your trees.

  • Pruning – for health, aesthetics,fruit production, and hazard reduction
  • Cabling and bracing – to preserve old or structurally weak trees
  • Removals – of dead, diseased, unsafe, and improperly planted trees
  • Arborist Reports – to meet city code requirements and/or legal questions
  • Preservation Plans – to keep trees alive through and after construction or site alterations
  • Seminars and classes – customized to your needs. Walks, lessons, and discussions
  • Consultations – to set up maintenance programs on large properties and answer difficult tree questions
  • Woodlot management – urban forestry anyone?


  • Clean – means we will remove all detached and broken branches. We will also remove all dead branches larger than the stated diameter. This type of pruning is done to reduce the risk of branches falling from the tree and to reduce the movement of decay, insects, and diseases to unaffected parts of the tree.
  • Thin will be followed by the percentage of live wood that will be removed from the crown. It is rarely recommended to remove more than 25% because of the negative impacts to tree health. There may be additional information concerning the location of specific branches to be removed. This type of pruning is done to increase light penetration and airflow, and to reduce the weight of overstressed branches.
  • Raise will be followed by a number designating the height of the lowest branch after we have completed raising the crown. This type of pruning is done for clearance and views.
  • Crown restore – means we will be improving the structure, form and appearance of trees which have been severely topped, vandalized, or damaged from storms. This may require a multi-year pruning schedule.
  • Vista prune – means we will create views framed with branches and the target view and primary viewing angle will be defined.
  • Fine prune – means we will remove all dead wood and thin the crown as necessary, focusing our attentions on the spatial arrangement of branches, artistically sculpting within the confines of the growth pattern for the species. This service requires an annual or biannual contract with some species.
  • Fruit production pruning – maintains fruit trees to prevent branch breakage and control growth. This service requires an annual or biannual contract with some species.

Cabling and Bracing

Trees with poor structure are more likely to fail and cause damage than well structured trees. See some photos of poor structured trees here. In some instances, a little support may be all that is needed to keep a valuable tree alive a bit longer.  Cables and bracing does not always prevent tree failure and property damage but it can reduce the chances and severity of that failure.


The gritty truth is that trees need to be removed sometimes. It can be an issue of safety, to mitigate against future damage, and to promote the health of other trees nearby. We have a ‘no net loss’ policy where we help plant a tree for the trees we remove. We participate in tree plantings in the area to offset the healthy trees we remove. Diseased and invasive trees are not included in this equation.

Arborist Reports

These reports are becoming a standard requirement for cities in the metro area when developing or removing trees. Unfortunately, each city has its own requirements for compliance. We can walk you through, or write and file these reports for you. Some cities require the report is written by a Certified or Board Certified Master Arborist. We have both.

Preservation Plans

These reports are also required by some cities particularly in cases where there will be construction equipment on the root zone. If you are planning to build or add-on, please involve an arborist in the early stages. We can suggest ideas that are both cost saving and prevent unnecessary tree damage or die back. Most construction damage is to the root system of trees and often is unnoticed until three to five years later.

Quantified Tree Risk assessment

Trees are living organisms that go through stages. In the early years, trees can grow quickly and suffer harsh treatment pretty easily. The older they get the less surplus energy they have and begin to decline. Environmental stresses can overwhelm weak systems more easily than strong and healthy systems. Emerald Tree cannot guarantee tree stability or failure but we can identify many factors that contribute to the likelihood of failures. We are trained to evaluate these hazards and can assess your site.

We work with realtors and people shopping for homes to evaluate the trees and identify hidden costs of tree care. No one wants to find out the tree in the back yard is dying and will cost over $2,000 to remove. But its better to find out before you own it. See some risky trees click here

Seminars and classes

We offer a wide variety of educational opportunities for all age levels, time commitments, and number of participants.  Jim is a Master Arborist and spent a few years as an outdoor educator with the National Wildlife Federation, Boy Scouts, US Forest Service, and MESD Outdoor School in Portland. We will speak to garden clubs, school groups of all ages, retirement homes, and business associations. We offer hands on training and lessons in your yard, one on one, or for groups of friends. We lead walks and hikes in and around the metro area looking at trees in the urban environment and natural areas. If you have an interest in anything ‘tree’, contact us abut the possibilities for discussions in the field or in a venue.


At Emerald Tree, we believe trees are a valuable resource for societal health. Both the physical and emotional well-being of our community can be tied to trees. Yet many people don’t think about trees until they have one fall across their backyard or start heaving the sidewalk. We provide consultations on tree health and space management. We are called to protect trees during development, assess health and longevity issues, discuss legal issues, create site plans, and most importantly forecast the future of trees. Many of our clients find our knowledge of tree species and growth habits valuable to their landscape planning and decision-making. We understand tree care decisions can be daunting, especially on larger properties where costs can go into the thousands. We can help set a long term maintenance plan to stay within budget and let your trees inner beauty shine through. See some examples here

Woodlot Management

Although rare in the city, some of our clients own large enough parcels of land in the country to create another source of income. We can develop and orchestrate a plan to maximize the health and value of the trees on the property for future sale. The future of forestry is in these small woodlots. As our population grows and our forests shrink, the profitability and reality of our situation will require us to use these areas for production as well as living space. The time to plan for this future is now. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities for your future.

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