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Nanocellular wood-Best new technology

Check out this website for a great article on the future of the green industry. Invest here?


Short for Board Certified Master Arborist, it’s ISA’s top credential.  I’ve been a Master Arborist for 6 years now. I know because every three years at this level we are required to get 60 hours of continuing education and I just certified for the third time. This much studying keeps us on top of the […]

Camp JAM 2012

Juvenile Arthritis Matters y’know. This year’s camp was another success! Camp JAM is a weekend retreat for children and teens with juvenile arthritis and their families. This unique opportunity allows families from Oregon, Washington, and Alaska to meet other families, learn about juvenile arthritis, and have fun in a supportive setting. […]

Run Mama Run

Here’s an opportunity for you to support community. The Adoption Mosaic is having a Mother’s Day run in Mt Tabor. Proceeds benefit this non-profit that provides services, resources, and workshops for adoptive families without getting into the arguments over reproductive rights. It’s a great way to support families. If you’re there, be sure to cheer […]

Portland Code: Chapter 11: Trees

I recently spoke at City Council on behalf of all the work done in the stakeholder discussion group, arborists, trees, and tree owners. While it wasn’t the most eloquent testimony, the written info I gave them made up for it. Here’s a compilation of my testimony. If you are interested, get your input in soon. […]

Portland Fruit Tree Project plug

Last night, I did a presentation about tree biology and how trees react to different pruning cuts and techniques at the Portland Fruit Tree Project. They offer workshops on everything from pruning to food preservation. They’re a non-profit group that helps harvest over 900 private and public fruit trees. Half of the harvest goes to […]

Citywide Tree Project goes to City Council

I’m wading through the 4 volumes of updated codes and project changes in the past year. I’ll let you know my opinion as soon as I’ve got one.

Testify at the City Council hearing. The hearing, on February 2nd at 6 p.m., will be in Council Chambers at City Hall (1221 SW Fourth Avenue). […]

Oregon’s Forests Revealed

If you’re looking at this, you don’t have a whole lot else to do. Why not geek out on satellite images, forest types, habitats, species, canopy covers and more on the Oregon Dept of Forestry Oregon Forest Atlas page? It’s chock full of info.

Cully-Concordia Tree Grove

The triangle at 42nd and Lombard was planted with a reasonable palette of trees. There are some that I wouldn’t recommend planting in your yard, like the eucalyptus, but they are all interesting. This is a nice continuation of the Ainsworth Linear Arboretum through Fernhill and down to Whittaker Ponds for a nice walk.

Camp JAM

August 14th we helped some kids with juvenile arthritis build bird houses and tool boxes donated from Home Depot at the Camp JAM (Juvenile Arthritis Matters) held at Camp Canby Grove. While the 6-9 year old’s hammered, glued, and decorated, their projects,  parents were in classes learning about juvenile arthritis and the options as their […]

Ash trees in Southwest PDX debate

Here’s the 20/20 from a Board Certified Master Arborist. I’ve been in business more than 10 years.  I’ve seen ‘competitors’ come and go. I lose bids to other companies based on price, the easiest part of tree work for clients to understand. Momma always said “Life’s like a box of chocolates.” Do you want Moonstruck […]

For Kids

Check out this online book! It’s called The Forest Where Ashley Lives and it’s about urban forests.

Friends of Trees in Cully

We volunteered with lots of neighbors last Saturdayto help Friends of Trees get more than 300 trees in the ground and mulched.  Friends of Trees is a great way to involve yourself in the community with a little exercise, some good food, and a lasting gift to livability in our neighborhoods. See some video […]

Portland Tree Policy Review

3.24.10 I spoke at the Planning and Urban Forestry joint commission meeting last night in support of  The Citywide Tree Policy Review and Regulatory Improvement Project. The full monologue is as follows:

I’m Jim Wentworth-Plato. I participated as an arborist on the SDG. I’ve been working with trees in the Portland and surrounding areas since the […]

Portland Tree Policy Review

Developing a website takes longer than you’d think. Particularly when you’re trying to give feedback to the city of Portland on proposed code changes regarding trees and you only have a short time to read 700+ pages of text. Sweeping reform folks. In a good way, mostly. Instead of multiple, conflicting […]

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