Tree Care Services for the Portland, Oregon Metro

Emerald Tree is in Portland, Oregon and based on quality pruning and education with one of the first Board Certified Master Arborists in the state. We’d love to prune your trees.

We pride ourselves on our ability to release the potential beauty of urban trees. We’ve been serving the Greater Portland/Vancouver area for over 15 years.

We grasp the larger picture of trees in Portland and believe that our urban forest is a necessity, not a luxury. Let us help you understand your trees and their place in the city we live.

For more detail see our Services section or just Call Us 503.310.5046

Thanks for your hard work, it sure has helped us to rest easy with all the recent highwinds!
Bob & Erila
You guys are all great as is the work. Thanks.
Thanks for a great job!
You are the all around best!
Jeremy & Jason were excellent!  Very professional, knowledgable & helpful!  Thanks very much!